Wednesday, October 7, 2009

3rd-Year Anniversary Getaway: Gatlinburg TN

Pictures from our Gatlinburg TN trip! I love autumn and the Smokey Mountains are a wonderful place to be in the fall-time. We celebrated our 3rd year anniversary. We were married here 3 years ago and so we usually try to be here during our anniversary (sentimental I know!)
We had an awesome scootering all over the place! And met another couple of "scooter-bugs" from Indiana there who were so nice! (HI AMY AND TIM!!) Enjoy...

Jeff & Sheri.

Yep, you know it. I HAD to go to the Craftmen's Fair. SO much more than even the July Fair, although there were alot of the same vendors. It was eye-candy with all the fall and Christmas items for sale!

I just loved the way this cute table was decorated on one of the little side streets.
Pumpkins everywhere this week!

Quick Pics:
Water everywhere!
Gatlinburg at night:
Yes, you know I love ducks:
"Are we there yet?"
"I want off....NOW!!"

"Whoa! honey, I didn't know you could turn that many shades of green!"

Gatlinburg really is a scooter friendly town. Now the shoppes, on the other hand...most of them are quite small and/or they're just so jammed pack full of stuff, I'd be afraid to WALK in, much less scooter. There might have been 6 I ventured to try carefully going into.

As we shared in July, the aquarium is a great place to scooter since everything is flat and ramped. I did have an interesting time getting in and out of the Subway and Burger King. We ate at a restaurant called The Best Italian Cafe & Pizzeria in Elks Plaza...they were incredibly friendly and more than happy to help us find a table to scooter right up to! (Not to mention the food was really good too! The Garlic Rolls are awesome.)

Oh yes....note to everyone, they just opened a Walgreen's so if you want to get a soda, that's the cheapest place to go! And of course, it's easy in and easy out with a scooter! ;)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Nashville, Indiana

We spent a week in Cincinnati with Jeff's parents and actually spent most of the time on the road. ;) We went to this quaint little town, Nashville, Indiana, and of course, I took more pictures. The quaint village of Nashville is a great place for a getaway, with hundreds of unique craft, specialty & antique shops, and great music & theatre venues. Visitors enjoy watching artists in galleries and craft studios throughout Brown County Indiana. Brown County is known as the "artist colony of the midwest".

(Yes, one of these days, I will learn to set the date on the camera! LOL).

Leisurely browse through the quaint shops of Nashville, Indiana, or visit every flea market in Brown County. Shopping in Brown County Indiana can be a delightful adventure. In the shoppes of Little Nashville, visitors find original watercolor paintings, sculptures, toys from yesterday, stained glass art, solid wood furniture, wood carvings, metal sculptures, pewter, handblown glass, custom jewelry, interesting clothing, perfumes, wind chimes and even...custom bird lodging.

Yes, no matter where I am, I find beautiful flowers! I guess I "take time to smell the roses" or whatever beauty is around. I'm not sure what this is, but it grows about 3 feet tall and I love the "ribbon-curl" of the flower!

So what's the scoop on scootering? Well, the sidewalks seems to all be good, even my big scooter made it through some smaller-looking ones. Like most places, you won't be able to scooter inside the shops. There is an RV and truck with cargo-trailer parking when you first come into town right past Subway on the left, so make sure you go there and NOT to one of the many pay-parking places all over Nashville. Yeah, wish we had known that. interesting note...I'm not sure about Indiana laws, but apparently pedestrians in the crosswalk DO NOT have the right away, as we discovered after almost getting "mowed down" a few times. Not sure what that's all about, but if you're in the crosswalk and see something coming....RUN. ok... SCOOTER "FAST" AND BOOGIE. ;)