Sunday, August 9, 2009

Williamsburg & Virginia Beach, VA

WILLIAMSBURG POTTERY, WILLIAMSBURG, VA: "You said I could buy it as long as it fit in the basket! And guess what? You'd be amazed how much I can balance on top of that!!"

Virginia Beach's newest attraction is King Neptune, a colossal 34-foot-high bronze statue that rises from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean at 31st Street & Atlantic Avenue, overlooking Neptune Park.

Looking for a great place to scooter? Virginia Beach boardwalk is the perfect place to go! 3 miles of concrete and sidewalks. Yep, we scootered every inch of it too! Well, one things for sure, I am no longer white...I now have some color....mostly red! Needless to say, I've been hurting for days too.

Just in case you ask....yes, you will notice on the rules that operating an electronic or motorized vehicles for a disabled person is allowed on the boardwalk.

How can you go to the beach and not eat saltwater taffy?

Yes, I am always taking pictures of roses! These are all around the hotels.

There she is! Our truck and cargo trailer. Yes, they will try and charge you for two vehicles because you're so big. But be sweet and they might let you in for only one. :)

Jeff spotted this sign and I almost ran off the sidewalk laughing! It was a scorching 96 degrees when we were here, so this sign fit perfect. Always got to be a smart-butt somewhere. Wonder how long this will stay up before the management notices?

There are vendors set up and down the boardwalk, but you pay $2 for a 20 oz water or soda!! There are also atleast 2 Dairy Queens we saw that stay busy with icecream and sodas too. Yeah, that vanilla soft serve is just perfect on a scorchy day. :) One good note...if your scooter needs charging, look for a spot a vendor isn't at and you'll find an outlet. We also saw one at one of the Dairy Queens' ocean-side wall. And there's also a gazebo next to the Hilton's Catch 31 restaurant that has tons of outlets (where bands and performers set up all the time).

You don't have to be on the beach to get sun. I found that out!

"Love me, love my scooter"

This is the bike lane set up for bikers adjacent to the boardwalk and also for these pedal bikes that are rented everywhere. They really look like a lot of fun too!

OK, let's start over!

Sun & Fun

Painted concrete beach balls

New meaning of "yard decorations"...cute!

If you're able to walk, there are alot of benches all up and down the boardwalk.

At the 3 mile marker...there is wooden ramp leading down into the sand, so wheelchairs and scooters are able to go so far out into the sand toward the ocean.

"Honey come back! I'll try not to spend so much time crafting!!"

I'm Irish! Got to have an Irish Pub in the pics! ;)
Dinner at 33rd St Cafe

Palm trees with lights

Neptune at night. The boardwalk is just as busy at night with couples and families walking up and down. Music spills out of all the hotels as you go by. Of course, you have to have some drunk person singing karioke. ;)