Wednesday, October 7, 2009

3rd-Year Anniversary Getaway: Gatlinburg TN

Pictures from our Gatlinburg TN trip! I love autumn and the Smokey Mountains are a wonderful place to be in the fall-time. We celebrated our 3rd year anniversary. We were married here 3 years ago and so we usually try to be here during our anniversary (sentimental I know!)
We had an awesome scootering all over the place! And met another couple of "scooter-bugs" from Indiana there who were so nice! (HI AMY AND TIM!!) Enjoy...

Jeff & Sheri.

Yep, you know it. I HAD to go to the Craftmen's Fair. SO much more than even the July Fair, although there were alot of the same vendors. It was eye-candy with all the fall and Christmas items for sale!

I just loved the way this cute table was decorated on one of the little side streets.
Pumpkins everywhere this week!

Quick Pics:
Water everywhere!
Gatlinburg at night:
Yes, you know I love ducks:
"Are we there yet?"
"I want off....NOW!!"

"Whoa! honey, I didn't know you could turn that many shades of green!"

Gatlinburg really is a scooter friendly town. Now the shoppes, on the other hand...most of them are quite small and/or they're just so jammed pack full of stuff, I'd be afraid to WALK in, much less scooter. There might have been 6 I ventured to try carefully going into.

As we shared in July, the aquarium is a great place to scooter since everything is flat and ramped. I did have an interesting time getting in and out of the Subway and Burger King. We ate at a restaurant called The Best Italian Cafe & Pizzeria in Elks Plaza...they were incredibly friendly and more than happy to help us find a table to scooter right up to! (Not to mention the food was really good too! The Garlic Rolls are awesome.)

Oh yes....note to everyone, they just opened a Walgreen's so if you want to get a soda, that's the cheapest place to go! And of course, it's easy in and easy out with a scooter! ;)