Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Gatlinburg Midnight Parade

A few highlights from the midnight parade. Gatlinburg has their parade at 12:01am on the 4th. People place chairs up and down the street on the morning of the 3rd to reserve their place upfront on the sidewalk. We're still amazed after all these years that no ones steals the chairs! By 10pm you had better be staked out waiting on the parade or you're not going to be near the front of the street to see anything. Around 11:45 pm, the main street is closed and everyone is lined up, usually about 4 rows deep of people, waiting on the parade. Usually they say there's about 100,000 visitors for the parade. Pretty impressive for a small town! It generally lasts until atleast 1:30am.
Sweet Frog is new in the Smokies!
Cirque de chine
It's Tennesee! You have to have atleast one Dolly impersonater! ;)
Now that's a whole new meaning to "drinking and driving"
 Grand marshals for the parade included members of the Tuskegee Airman Association from Atlanta, Ga. and from Louisville, Ky.
Got to start the parade with the fire trucks
Ripley's Aquarium
The Comedy Barn, Pigeon Forge

and Sheri's in kilts ;)

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