Sunday, June 21, 2009

First trip out with the scooters

We decided we needed some practice with the utility trailer...loading, tying down, covering, netting...whew! So naturally we pick a 90 degree day with high humidity. Must be having a death wish because I thought for sure Jeff was going to kill me off for the life insurance $$ or maybe he just wants MY scooter. ;) Now, this is definitely not the way to go. Although we both lost some weight this weekend! But we decided that we really should go a mall and scooter around, getting some practice before we run to Gatlingburg next month for the Craftsman's Fair. I think he was hinting around he didn't want me running over anyone or anything.

Now you know it was HOT if Jeff's drinking WATER. Nope, no Coke Zero...that's water! I had to get the evidence because no one would ever believe me. ;)

Now, honey I really don't think that's a good way for you to load up your scooter.

No, we had to actually push them up on the utility trailer, strap them down in about 4 places, cover them with an ATV cover that fit over both. THEN cover that with netting because Jeff was becoming neurotic watching the "flapping" as he drove down the highway. So 30 minutes later......we finally get to drive off. Isn't this crazy? We can spend 30 minutes doing this, but can't walk around a mall. Of course, we're snipping at each other the entire 30 minutes because it's 90+ degrees and my shorts are stuck to my butt and his t-shirt is soaking wet. Can we say CARGO TRAILER? Yes, we finally had to breakdown and get one because it was insane all the work we were having to do. Of course, it didn't help when Jeff fell off the trailer and as he's laying there on the ground looks up at me and almost calls me by his first wife's name. Yes, he almost died that day. And not from the fall.

Yes, dear, I'll just sit here with my Mocha Frappuccino while you load up your scooter...then you can load mine. ;)

Happy Trails!
Jeff & Sheri :-)

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