Sunday, July 19, 2009

Craftmen's Fair, Gatlinburg, TN

So it all started with the Craftmen's Fair in Gatlinburg. Every year when we were visiting TN, I would see signs for the Craftmen's Fair. And oh how I wanted to go! But I knew I could never do all that walking. And then...the scooters came along! So of course, first trip out has to be about crafts. ;)

No problem scootering at the convention center. Even MY scooter fit in the elevator! I would have loved to taken some general photos, but they had signs everywhere saying "NO PHOTOS". Bummer. Well, can't blame them. I'm sure some people would copy the art they saw.
See how happy Jeff was to go?

Gatlinburg is known for all its little wedding chapels.

A newly added waterfall.

Creeks everywhere with little waterfalls!

I know flamingos are tacky, but I still love them.

Newer shop...All sauced up! Yep, nothing but sauces of all kinds! More sugar and miniature golf!
Lunch at the Brass Grill (formerly known as the Brass Lantern).

Main street of Gatlinburg.
Scooter break-time.
"What?? It's a drive-up bank!!"

Space Needle.

Space Needle at night.
The atmosphere at night is like a carnival. And it smells like one too! Pure sugar! We were all worried about would our scooter batteries last. Ha. What a joke. We scootered 8-10 hours each day and I think I lost 1 green bar and he lost a smidget on his dial. If you want to scooter your heart out, this is the place to go. But beware of the people. Yep, Jeff almost had several people step back without looking and almost end up in his lap. People are the same everywhere. :)

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I Play Outside The Box said...

I love Gatlinburg!! Went there back in the early 80''s always been a place I wanted to re-visit. I feel like I just had a mini visit there....through the lens of your camera! Thanks for sharing!