Friday, June 18, 2010

Virginia Beach Boardwalk Art Show

Are we there yet?? Huh?? Huh?? Are we??

June 17-20, 2010

LOCATION: 17th-32nd Street at the Boardwalk

Thurs. 9am-6pm
Fri. 10am-6pm
Sat. 10am-6pm

In 1952, a group of local artists in Virginia Beach, Virginia held an exhibition and art sale to benefit a peer who had suffered a debilitating stroke. Inspired by the sales success, they formed the Virginia Beach Art Association (VBAA). Four years later, the VBAA instituted the First Annual Boardwalk Art Show & Festival; it was one of many events initiated by the Golden Jubilee Events program designed to celebrate the city of Virginia Beach’s 50th anniversary.

With a budget of $10, VBAA staff and volunteers began the arduous task of creating the First Annual Boardwalk Art Show & Festival from scratch. According to VBAA’s Publicity Chairman Granbery Walter, this was the first outdoor show of its kind in the country. Eighty-two regional artists paid a 50-cent application fee and flocked to the boardwalk in bathing suits to display their work to a few thousand visitors. They tied their works to the boardwalk railing with chicken wire or placed them directly on the ground. At the end of the day, judges announced award winners for honorable mentions, most popular and Bestin-Show; award money totaled $25.

Throughout this time, the Boardwalk Art Show & Festival grew to be one of Virginia Beach and the Commonwealth’s most highly anticipated events. With more than 350,000 visitors and $2 million in art sales annually, the Boardwalk Art Show & Festival is ranked in the top 50 best fine art & design shows in the nation by Sunshine artist magazine. In 2008, prize money for artist awards reached over $30,000. The Virginia Beach Hotel Motel Association Best-in-Show Award of $10,000 remains the second largest bestin-show award in the nation, attracting high-caliber artists and art collectors anxious to find unique, one-of-kind works. Featured artists in the 2010 exhibit can be found HERE.

Oh, yeah...this is the life!

Yay, oh yay. Jeff is happily "dancing" down the boardwalk because Sheri is finally finished going through all the art exhibits and now we can find some FOOD!!

Jeff....Sheri is NOT amused.

We could go to our favorite 33rd St Cafe for the best she-crab soup & crabcakes!

Or there are so many other restaurants on the boardwalk!

Or there are plenty of vendors on the boardwalk with the art exhibits!

Yes, we had fun!

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