Monday, June 14, 2010

Where have we been??

In case you've been wondering where we have been & why we haven't been posting lately, Sheri's scooter had a break-down on May 1. You should have seen the look on her face when the we were scootering out of the mall because she said it was making this weird "thunk-thunk" noise...and the entire left rear wheel & axel fell off!! It was priceless. Of course, pushing that 200 lb scooter to the trailer was priceless too. And almost as good as watching Jeff jump off the ramp of the trailer as we were pushing it up and it "got away from us". It was one of those moments where Sheri would say, "Gee, honey, I didn't know you could bunny-hop like that". ;)

But finally it has been repaired & they think a clamp wasn't installed during the factory-making of this scooter which is really odd for Golden Technologies. Well, we're just glad it broke down 3 weeks before the warranty expired. Whew...that was close one!

But now we're ready to hit the road again!! Whoo-hoo!! So end of the week we'll be heading to VA Beach & the coast so we'll have some pictures and blogging coming your way soon!

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