Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pembroke Fall Heritage Festival

So this year we decided to check out our hometown festival. Sheri of course was checking out the competition on jewelry makers. Jeff was dreading the year she decides to start selling at these types of fairs and he has to set up and take down the tent and haul it all to the van. :)
Pembroke is a very small town in rural southwest Va and it was a small festival. But it was fun to scooter through and see who we knew.
They had vendors selling pumpkins and mums, tons of *stinky* candles (Jeff's description), two different jewelry makers (which Sheri promptly pointed out they were selling their crap waaaay overpriced), avon, various churches selling baked goods, handmade clothing for children, scarves in various "team colors", and homemade walking canes.
There was an antique car show also with quite a few entries.
They had horseshoe contests, dog show, arts & craft show, bingo, and rides in a real firetruck for kids.
Of course there was food! Hot dogs, greek food, pork skins, corndogs, bbq meats, snow cones, candied apples, kettle corn, and such.
This year the planners even sprung for a little "kiddies carnival" and had a few rides including a scrambler, ferris wheel, race car carousel, and some tilt-whirl thing that looked like it was guaranteed to help spew up all the junk food and hot dogs your kids just ate. ;)
It was really a hot day for October and it was obvious you would definitely need one of those pop-up tents over your spot if you were a seller. (Note to Jeff: don't forget this.) hehehe

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