Sunday, April 25, 2010

Angelic Whispers

While scootering around the streets of Gatlinburg, we had dinner one evening at the Best Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria which we have to say definitely earned its name!

Right next door to the restaurant we found a lovely jewelry shop in Elks Plaza called Angelic Whispers. The owner is Kasey Schroeder who is just wonderful to talk to and she is very talented! Kasey and her family used to live in Georgia and came to Gatlinburg several times to visit. Like so many, they fell in love with the area and decided to move up to TN and open a shop. We're glad she did!

We won't discuss how many pairs of earrings Sheri had to buy in her shop, but Jeff couldn't really complain because her prices are awesome! Her displays are just lovely too. Definitely a scooter-friendly shop, one of the very few in Gatlinburg we might add. Make sure you stop by and visit Angelic Whispers if you're in Gatlinburg! I know she is definitely on Sheri's "must stop at" places from now on. ;)

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