Friday, April 16, 2010

Easter Weekend in Pigeon Forge, TN

Beautiful temperatures in the 70's and trees in bloom! :) Achoo!! Yes, nothing says springtime like allergies.

Pansies everywhere!

Beautiful day for a drive....ummm, on a scooter of course! What?? It's a drive-thru!! ;)

On the lookout for my ducks...ok, I admit I have a duck obsession.

There's one!!

What did you say dear? "Honey, I promise one day I'll build a pond so you can have a little duck farm. Now, can we go look at something else?!"


Look! This one looks like Molly...a duck I had many, many years ago!

And this one looks like Lucky...we named him Lucky because we wandered into our yard and didn't get hit on the road near our house!

Loving the carousel! How cute!

ALWAYS looks like Christmas at the Christmas store!

Well, their spring flowers are pretty!

Evening at the Old Mill.

I can never get enough pictures of the Old Mill!

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