Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tamarack, Beckley, WV


"Located in the center of the eastern United States, Beckley, West Virginia, is the home of Tamarack: The Best of West Virginia. Tamarack welcomes half a million visitors annually as a one-stop shop for West Virginia culture, heritage, handcrafts, fine art, regional cuisine and music. Tamarack is the collective vision of artisans, agriculturists, businessmen, community members and public officials from every county. It was created to boost the state’s economy by fostering a market-driven approach to selling indigenous products. As a world-class facility, Tamarack is destined to become a major tourist attraction, expand job opportunities and draw more than 500,000 visitors a year. The Tamarack facility is the focal point of the Tamarack distribution system, which markets West Virginia-made products throughout the state.

Tamarack is conveniently located in Beckley, West Virginia, just off I-77, the West Virginia Turnpike. Take Exit 45 and you’ll find us on the right at the end of the exit. It is north of east-west Interstate 64 and north-south Interstate 77 only a short drive from a wealth of resorts, restaurants, golf courses and recreational sites.

Tamarack is open every day of the year except Christmas Day. From January 5 through March 11, we’re open from 10:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. From March 12 through January 4, we close at 8:00 p.m. The only exceptions are Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve when we close at 5:00 p.m.

There are two areas with parking places designated especially for handicapped visitors. One is in our main parking lot. The other is on the Conference Center side of the building near the white canopy.

Handicapped accessibility at Tamarack includes but is not limited to specified parking areas in main lot and next to the conference center, which offers a canopied walkway. Also, a pull-up, drop off area is available near the front door. Wheelchairs are available for use on-site during a visit to Tamarack.

In the food court, several tables are higher to accommodate wheelchairs. Also our tray sliders in the food court are low to serve handicapped patrons. Staff will assist a patron in need of individual service.

Tamarack does allow service animals. The theater has no stairs and seating accommodates handicapped patrons.

The facility itself is one-story, no stairs, and wide pathways. Displays are measured according to the width of wheelchairs. If a patron encounters a challenge, management is ready and willing to move products or assist patrons.

The conference center is accessible via a canopy walkway, which leads from the handicapped parking area into an automated door. Doors at all facility entrances have automatic features, including one door used to enter the center courtyard.

Bathrooms in the conference center and retail facility have handicapped accessible stalls. We also have private handicapped accessible restroom, located near the retail facility for those who may need assistance."

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These were the first daffodils of spring I had seen so far this year, haha. Gigantic metal sculptures at the entrance.

If there are Christmas decorations anywhere to be found, I will find them!!

These are Tone Finnanger style ornaments I love! :)


Jams, jellies, honeys, you name it...they even have wine.

Handmade placemats, tea cozies, potholders, doilies, etc.

Baskets, quilts, more home decor...

Glassware...yes, did you notice how far back I took the picture? ;)

That's as close as I'm getting!

Tried to take a picture of the framed items, but caught the glare. These are handpainted turkey feathers that are framed under glass.

Beautiful tatting! Does anyone do this anymore?

Handmade dolls galore!

...and a fair share of crochet items too.

Ah-ha! I see you, dear.

Books & Music

Items made from coal

Handmade and Handwoven goods

Ok, I had to take a picture of this cute guy....it's a wolf in sheep's clothing! :)

Tons of beautiful quilts adorn the walls!

And they have a restaurant run by the Greenbrier. I have to say, there is plenty of room to maneuver in the dining line, even for my big scooter. And the chefs and staff were so very nice to help us in any way with our food and trays!

"A celebration of regional cuisine, A Taste of West Virginia food court, managed by The Greenbrier, features breakfast, grille and deli menu items to entice every appetite. Traditional menu items and unexpected pleasures make in-house dining and off-site catering, as well as meetings and themed functions, a memorable and delectable dining occasion.

Daily specials such as Tamarack’s Tuna Melt or Chicken Pot Pie, contrasted to complex plated dishes of West Virginia Rainbow Trout with Lemon Brown Butter and Braised Beef Sirloin with Sweet Onion Jus, showcase the talents of a well-trained culinary staff. West Virginia-made jams and jellies, salad dressings and mustards, and locally grown trout and catfish are incorporated into daily menus. You also won't want to miss Tamarack's Country Breakfast."

Yay, they have reuben sandwiches. :)

And veggie pizzas with fresh salads!

Dear, can't you ever take a "nice" picture of me? I know I don't look like this ALL the time, do I?? ;) Hmmm...maybe it's just when you pick up MY camera I get this look!

There are always events going on at Tamarack from music concerts to artisans showing their work. Their events schedule can be found HERE.

There is no admission fee for any Sunday@Two (2:00 p.m.) music performance. Tickets are required due to limited seating and are available after 10 a.m. on the morning of the performance at the Information Desk.

YES, FREE!! and they have quite a variety of performers. Bummer, we just missed the Celtic group, but I'm watching this schedule for their next performance!

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