Thursday, April 22, 2010

Holloway's Country Lane Quilts

There was a craft fair at the Gatlinburg Convention Center Easter weekend and we had no idea! It was smaller than their July & October shows but you know Sheri still had to go! ;)

One of the fine vendors was Maria Holloway from Holloway's Country Lane Quilts. She was so nice and friendly and quilting away at the show. We had to share her with you! :)A bit about Holloway's Country Lane Quilts...
"Maria Holloway and her husband John have owned and operated Holloway's Country Home for over 15 years. What's a Yankee Portuguese lady doing making quilts in the beautiful mountains of Tennessee? Well, one day 32 years ago, she was on her way to Florida and passed through east Tennessee. It wasn't long until she came back and made her home here. Holloway's Country Home is located in the shadow of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, 20 miles outside of Gatlinburg, TN.

All of her products are handmade, originating in centuries of rural tradition. Color, cut, pattern, fabric... all this and much more goes into the making of their quilts. But the most important element is time. In addition to their large number of original and vintage quilts, they have quilt kits and supplies for you to invest the time in making your own. Most importantly, this is their home and all of their products are about making your home more comfortable and inviting."

Maria told me she was 70! There is no way I believe this! ;) I asked her how she kept so young looking...her answer? Good Portuguese genes and red wine! Works for me, Maria! Her quilting is awesome! You can visit her website HERE.

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Princess rosie said...

I think its more then just the wine I think its having wonderful grandchildren like me :) just kidding. My grandmother Maria Holloway is one of the most amazing people on this planet and she is also one of the best artist's ever. She is just simply amazing :) Thanks for all the good talk about her I really appreciate it. -Princess Rosie